Terms and conditions please read carefully

Hiring and activation

By hiring/subscribing any service or product here disclosed and made available, the customer must register on our website, providing their complete data and following the guidelines described in the Registration/application form for the correct Completion and validation of your order. If there is any irregularity in the data provided at the time of registration, the order will be automatically cancelled. All hosting plans or resellers can be activated immediately or within 5hrs after hiring.

Dedicated servers, will be activated in 24hrs up to 72hrs after the payment identification and respecting the order of orders.

If the service/product contracted is linked to a domain registered with us at the time of hiring, the propagation time of the same can occur in up to 72hrs, depending on the type of registered domain and/or registrar. If the domain used is already registered, the propagation after changing the DNS addresses for the new server will occur in the next daily publication. Always after hiring/subscribing to some service or product, the first invoice for payment will be generated. More information may be taking questions by e-mail: suporte@criandoradio.com.br.

The creation of radio reserves the right to refuse any request made in our system if any irregularity is detected, be it in the data provided, numbers of documents, inclusion in the services of credit protection, legal proceedings and/or Criminal or in the fields. Requests may also be refused in the event of unavailability of services.

Password access

All data access the accounts created in our system (user and password), will be forwarded to the email that the customer informed at the time of their subscription. As soon as you receive your password, you must immediately change it to one of your own and keep it safe, as it is solely responsible for its use.

If our system detects any suspicious use of customer access data, we reserve the right to reset/change the client's access password without notice. However, the client will be informed through the e-mail registered in the system about this action and its new password, which should be changed once more as preference.

The customer forgetting their access password may request a new one by opening a support ticket and informing them of what happened. The new password will be forwarded to the email registered in the system.

Content and resources

The customer is solely responsible for any and all content that exists in their accounts. It is up to you to answer for all your actions regarding the use of your accounts.

It is forbidden

  • 1-Host file sharing sites, virtual drivers, videos, free domains, social networks and similar in the hosting and resale plans
  • 2-Send excessive emails per hour, bulk emails, email marketing and emails without authorization from recipients, activities that are considered SPAM.
  • 3-host sites of collective purchases or auctions in the hosting plans.
  • 4-Use the servers to store backups and/or use as virtual disk.
  • 5-Use the hosting accounts for online gaming services.
  • 6-Store any type of data or material that violates any national or international law, such as nulled (pirate) scripts.
  • 7-Storing and/or distributing data, files and any other kind of copyrighted, intellectual or copyrighted material without the proper authorizations by their respective owners. This includes: music, movies, videos, games, pictures, photos, Software, and more.
  • 8-Storing, distributing, disseminating and/or promoting material of offensive content, adult, exploitation of children and/or adolescents under 18 years, any type of pornography, any type of activities considered illegal, drugs, physical damage And morals, any kind of prejudice, slander and defamation, fanaticism, profanation, passwords and serial numbers of softwares, phishing, hacking, cracking, confidential information and links to similar content on other sites.
  • 9-try to operate IRC or IRC bots on our servers.
  • 10-Storing and/or using malicious programs and scripts that can harm and overwhelm our servers.
  • 11-Try to invade websites, steal passwords, promote DDoS attacks and similar from our servers.
  • 12-overloading and/or exceeding the resource limits available for each account: 50% CPU and 768MB of memory.

Free Domain Hosting

A customer who practices any activity related above or similar will have his or her account suspended or depending on the severity cancelled immediately, without prior notice and entitlement to reimbursement. The customer who has the suspended account must adapt in order to avoid the definitive cancellation of their account.

Backup policies

The creation of radio is not liable under any circumstances for any file, data or any information stored in the user accounts.

The customer is solely responsible for any file, data or information stored in their accounts on our servers, and agrees to this. Therefore, you should perform backups of your files/data yourself and always keep a copy of these backups off the server.

The customer will have available backup tools available in their accounts to back up their files and data. The backup tools will be available to customers every day and to do a FULL backup only the Thursdays give 00:00 AS 06:00.

Weekly is backed up of the accounts hosted on our servers, with up to 2GB of data, including files, folders and database. No email account is backed up. All backups are overwritten every 20 days.

This procedure is performed for the exclusive use of creating radio, in case of restoring or migrating servers and no warranty is granted to the client. Therefore the customer must keep their own backups always updated and saved in a secure location.

Dedicated servers do not enter our backup routine, so it is up to customers to maintain their own backups policies.

Accounts suspended or cancelled for not complying with the terms of use, for infrusing national or international laws or by hosting prohibited content, will not be entitled to backup.

Mass emails, Marketing emails and Spam

Any type of activity that involves the excessive sending of emails from the domains hosted on our servers and the use of any application intended for such a task is prohibited.

All our servers are monitored for 24hrs/365 days, and if any activity related to sending bulk emails and/or spam is detected, the account pertaining to the domain involved will be suspended immediately or at any time without notice, Appropriate in accordance with the terms of use.

If the suitability is not made, creating radio reserves the right to make appropriate adjustments or cancel the account.

Repeat accounts will be cancelled/deleted immediately, without notice and without entitlement to any refund.

Protection against DDoS attacks and viruses

All servers are constantly monitored for 24hrs/365 days in order to avoid possible DDoS attacks, viruses, malwares, malicious scripts and any others that may harm the systems and accounts hosted.

If the customer is unable to access your site or it is "offline ", your IP address probably may be blocked in the Firewall. Happening open a support ticket in the customer center, informing the incident and requesting the release of the IP. This can probably happen if the site receives requests and accesses followed in a short time, originating in the same IP address, so it can be interpreted by the Firewall as a DDoS attack attempt and the IP in question will be blocked. Similarly, any attempt to upload files infected by viruses or other virtual pests may lead to IP blocking and/or removal of files automatically.

Customers who upload any types of files that contain viruses, malicious scripts or any kind of virtual plague, endangering servers and other hosted accounts, may have their site suspended or cancelled. Repeat customers will have their accounts cancelled/deleted immediately, without notice and without entitlement to any type of refund.


During the advance payment of a monthly fee, the customer will be entitled to 1 month of lodging, in case of payment of a larger number of months, will be entitled to the respective period paid, described in the deposit or bank transfer issued by the contractor.

If there is a delay or suspension of payment, the service provided by the creating radio will be suspended after 1 day of the expiration date of the open invoice.


Payment will always be made in advance in relation to the provision of the service and will have value stipulated according to the modality chosen.

Payment will always be made in advance in relation to the provision of the service and will have value stipulated according to the modality chosen. After payment of the first monthly fee, which should always be made via Pagseguro, paid market, Paypal, bank deposit or transfer and which will have as base expiration date, the day of the request of the hosting account; Customer will be entitled to provide the service for the period chosen when registering. The maturities of the parcels will always be on days 10, 20 or 30 of the subsequent months according to the customer's option for the periodicity of the payment.

On the 1st day of the monthly delay, the provision of the service will be interrupted immediately by creating radio until the payment is regularized, getting access to files, information, and emails related to the blocked account.

If the customer expressly communicates the delay, with a minimum of 05 days in advance of the monthly salary; May, at the discretion of the creating radio continue to enjoy the service provided for a maximum period of 10 (ten) days. After that, the service will be interrupted in the meantime.

The monthly fees, after the first, must be paid by the customer to create radio through payment companies, deposit or bank transfer.

If the payment is not made within 7 (seven) days after the maturity of the monthly fee, the present contract is terminated in full, excluding all data from the client's account on the server.

Not yet passed the stipulated deadline, it is at the discretion of creating radio renegotiate the contract and return to provide the service in the usual way, after payment of the debit.

Only renegotiation is possible if the debts are already settled by the customer.

If there is a delay in payment of tuition fees will be charged R $3.00 (one Real) of fine per week.

The debts will only be considered as saldata after the effective bank clearing in the system of creating radio, which may take up to 48hrs working hours.

The creating radio reserves the right to change the values of its services by notifying the Customer 15 (fifteen) days in advance of the date on which they will enter into force, as well as providing additional services only to the subscriber who is in the day with their Tuition.

The creating radio, in case of late payments, will send billing notices before and after the expiration of the customer's monthly fee, exclusively through e-mail.

The taxes well with the various tax charges that are owed due to the services provided for in this contract will be the taxpayer's responsibility as defined in the tax standard, without any refund.

Acceptance of the term of use

The user declares that he has read, understood and accepts all the rules, conditions and obligations set out in this term.